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This movie is an upcoming 2011 3-d action adventure motion picture which casts Henry Cavill(Theseus), Freida Pinto(Phaedra), Mickey Rourke(King Hyperion), Kellan Lutz(Poseidon), Isabel Lucas(Athena), John Hurt(Old Zeus), Robert Maillet(Minotaur), Corey Sevier(Apollo), Alan Van Sprang(Dareios), Mercedes Leggett(High Priestess 1), Ayisha Issa(High| Priestess 2), Kaniehtiio Horn(High Priestess 3), Steve Byers(Heracles), Romano Orzari(Icarus), Neil Napier(Beast Master), Kristel Verbeke(Demeter), Robert Naylor(Young Theseus), Alisha Nagarsheth(Young Phaedra), Greg Bryk(Nycomedes), Stephen McHattie(Cassander), Dylan Smith(Stephanos), Peter Stebbings(Helios), and Joseph Morgan(Lysander) under the direction by Tarsem Singh. The motion picture is authored by Vlas Parlapanides and Charley Parlapanides and being produced by Mark Canton, Ryan Kavanaugh, and Gianni Nunnari. Cinematography is by Brendan Galvin and Edited by Wyatt Jones and Stuart Levy. This is distributed by Relativity Media and Universal Pictures under Relativity Media and Rogue Pictures studio. Watch Immortals Online Free is planned to be launch in 2D and in 3-d movie theaters on November 11, 2011.

The synopsis of Watch Immortals is about the Titan Hyperion announces battle on humankind years after the Titanomachy. He explorations for a well-known weapon named the Epirus Bow, produced by the war deity Ares, which can permit him to liberate the remainder of the Titans from Tartarus and take vengeance on the Olympians who led to their ruin. The deities are unable to take a side in the battle between Hyperion and human race based on historical rules. It's left to Theseus to protect his native soil and rescue the gods. He is the male offspring of Poseidon chosen by Zeus and in his undertaking he goes with the woman priest Phaedra and a slave called Stavros.

The movie was formerly named Dawn of War and War of the Gods before being formally named Immortals and is freely based on the Greek legends of Theseus and the Minotaur and the Titanomachy. It includes typical Greek legends shooted employing 3D equipment, requiring enormous post production. Director Tarsem Singh mentioned that he's preparing an action film employing Renaissance portray types. He next proceeds to say that he is principally, Caravaggio comes across Fight Club and it is a truly serious combat motion picture completed in Renaissance portray fashion. Moreover, he stated he would like to see how that goes, it is became rather typically cool and he's going for a really recent expression on top of that so he is roughly tone with Renaissance era with potential.

It is more likely to like it at the time a director has the liberty and audacity to convey that his recent undertaking might be Caravaggio meets Fight Club although he garments his hero with trousers. We are hoping Tarsem shares his ideas on his come back to studio filmmaking. Keep in mind he made The Cell back in 2000, when huge studio funded field film was beginning to disappear and now he's associated with Relativity Media, the one-time funding or production firm that's turning into a qualified studio or distributor.

It takes plenty of labor to look like an proficient Grecian soldier, and the Watch Immortals Online clip reveals just the form of training the stunt team from Montreal got through to become the troopers that can be noticed on screen. "Immortals" kicks with an limited first gaze at "Immortals: Gods and Heroes," the graphic novel from Archaia Press that serves as a antecedent to the action heroic. An anthology selection of ten stories, "Gods and Heroes" tells godly stories from magazine authors including Ben Templesmith of 30 Days of Night, Ron Marz of Green Lantern, and Ben McCool of Captain America to embrace the bequest of Perseus, Ares and different legendary figures prior to their tales are passed on in completeness this November. In looking at the graphic novel, find out why the tale of this film provides itself so significantly to the comic book type, what each creator realized fascinating in the period Tarsem Singh crafted for the cinema, and so much more.